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Michal Mrula has been working at Mubea since 2005: Having started as a project engineer in the USA, continuing several years at Mubea in Japan and up to this day working in a successful management position in our Core Products area for chassis applications. Get to know more about Michal and his exciting career at Mubea!

Michal Mrula

Michal's way with Mubea

“I started my journey at Mubea in 2005 as Project Engineer after having had a very good job interview. Already back then, the company seemed to be a great place to work, especially in terms of its innovative product portfolio. After the first three years as a Project Engineer at the Mubea Engineering Center in Auburn Hills, I took the opportunity of being promoted to Project Manager at our Yokohama location. My tasks and projects worked out very well, and also my career path was a successful one: I became Deputy Engineering Manager and then Engineering Manager both at Mubea Japan. In 2016, I decided to return to Auburn Hills where I am working as a Engineering Manager in the Chassis Division Core Products.”

“For me, experiencing life as an expat in Japan was life and career changing. It has enabled me to gain international management skills and to get to build a global network of brilliant colleagues.”

Michal Mrula
(Engineering Manager in the Chassis Division at Mubea Inc.)

Mubea-Standort Yokohama

Michal's view on Mubea

“Mubea is a highly innovative company driven by very skilled and focused team members around the world. There are many regional and international opportunities for motivated people who strive to actively contribute to both the company’s and one’s personal growth. Mubea employees around the world are very supportive, kind, and open minded. Working with them as a team is a very special experience I am still enjoying every day.


Looking back at the past 15 years, I am more than satisfied with my career path at Mubea. I have been keen to learn, develop, and achieve the best possible results from the very beginning. As Mubea is acting in such a fast-paced environment, every day brings new possibilities and challenges, which makes working here so special to me.”


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